What are NoseWings®?

NoseWings are a unique form of nasal dilators that make use of the repellent force of strong permanent magnets to widen the nasal passages. This widening improves nasal breathing.

How do NoseWings® open the nasal passages”?

By widening the nasal passages and increasing the angle between the nasal septum and the side walls of the nose the resistance on nasal airflow is reduced resulting in increased ease in nasal breathing.

Is this not what all nasal dilators claim to do?

Yes, and most are effective in achieving this to varying degrees.

Are NoseWings® more effective than other nasal dilators?

Judged purely on to what extent they improve nasal airflow; we do not claim that NoseWings are more effective than other nasal dilators.

Then what are the advantages of NoseWings® over other nasal dilators?

The two main advantages NoseWings® have over other nasal dilators are superior comfort and long-term reusability.

Why are NoseWings® more comfortable for most people than other nasal dilators?

NoseWings® are made of a smooth, non-irritant, medical-grade polymer. They are shaped to fit most people with little to no need for adjustment, but if necessary, they can easily be widened or narrowed for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Furthermore, as they are only in contact with the wings of the nose and not with the much more sensitive nasal septum (between the nostrils), they can be used for long periods without causing discomfort. In fact, once you get used to wearing NoseWings®, you should no longer be aware of them at all, except for the increased ease in nasal breathing they provide.

How many times can a set of NoseWings® be used?

NoseWings are reusable. Unlike single-use nasal dilators, or internal nasal dilators that can lose their elasticity over time, the permanent magnets in NoseWings® theoretically maintain their repellent property for a long period. Under normal circumstances, NoseWings should last at least one year. For reasons of hygiene, we recommend replacing the NoseWings after 1 year.

Do NoseWings® have any disadvantages?

Yes, a relative disadvantage is that in the beginning some people may find it a little difficult to fit them properly and they may take a little time to get used to. If you have trouble fitting them correctly, please check the video on the instruction for use page.

Are NoseWings® suitable for everybody?

NoseWings® are suitable for persons from the age of 16. NoseWings can be individually adjusted to fit most adults’ noses, they may be too large for people with a small nose.

Do NoseWings® come with any risks?

Keep out of reach of children. Furthermore, to be on the safe side we recommend to keep NoseWings away from cardiac devices such as pacemakers or other devices that may be sensitive to magnetic influences.

Can NoseWings® be used in combination whit nasal decongestant nasal sprays or anti-allergic medication such as antihistamines?

Yes, and the effect of one can be synergistic with the other as NoseWings® improve nasal breathing by widening the nasal passages while medication can achieve this by reducing swelling of the mucosal lining of the nose.

Can NoseWings® reduce snoring?

Yes, although not for everybody, as snoring may have many different causes apart from a blocked nose. However, if you snore with an open mouth, being able to breathe through your nose at night often significantly reduces the chance of snoring.

Why is it better to breathe through your nose than through your mouth?

The mucosal lining in the nose filters, warms and humidifies the inhaled air and thereby conditions it before it passes to the lungs. Breathing through the nose is also much more comfortable and avoids a dry mouth, which can greatly improve the quality of sleep. Also, during sports, it is preferable and more pleasant to breathe through your mouth and during yoga it is almost considered essential.

Can NoseWings® solve the complaint of a blocked nose for everybody?

The honest answer is no. A blocked nose can be due to a multitude of causes, not all of which can be solved with a nasal dilator. However, in most cases widening the narrowest part of the nose (usually located at the angle between the nasal septum and the lower edges of the upper lateral cartilages) can greatly improve nasal airflow. Often, even if some sense of nasal resistance remains, widening this angle can make the difference between breathing through the mouth and breathing through the nose.

If NoseWings® cause no improvement in nasal breathing whatsoever there may be a structural or mucosal cause for your blocked nose and it is advisable to consult your general practitioner or an ENT-specialist.

How do I keep NoseWings® clean?

For reasons of hygiene, we recommend to clean the NoseWings before and after use with water and a neutral soap. Keep NoseWings in the blue storage box when not in use.

Do you have a question or remark not addressed above?

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