How to use NoseWings

NoseWings work by widening the nasal airways by using the repellant force of strong permanent magnets. There is a left and a right NoseWing as indicated by the markings L and R on the inside of the container. NoseWings are shaped to fit most people with little or no need for adjustment but if necessary they can be widened or narrowed for maximum comfort and a more precise fit.

To be effective NoseWings need to be properly positioned on the right and left wings of the nose with the magnets on the inside and the wings on the outside. For optimal placement and positioning it’s best to use a mirror.

Take the NoseWing you wish to place first between your thumb and index finger, slightly open the frame and slide it into position.

When you let go the NoseWing should stay in place but not feel tight. If it does, take it out, widen it a little bit more and place it back again until it feels comfortable.

If it feels too loose, slightly narrow the frame. Once the first NoseWing is properly positioned, place the second one and the same way.

When properly placed you should notice a widening of your nasal passages and feel less resistance while breathing.

Depending on the size and shape of your nose small adjustments of the position or angle may help to find the sweet spot in which NoseWings feel most comfortable and are most effective.

For most people NoseWings are most stable when positioned further from the tip of the nose and closer to the cheeks.

Once in place, allow a little time to get used to NoseWings and after a short while you should hardly notice you are wearing them, except for the increased ease of breathing they will give you.

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