How to use NoseWings


NoseWings are a medical device that facilitate nasal breathing by widening the nasal passages. This widening is caused by the repellent effect of strong, permanent magnets.

Instructions for use

NoseWings should be placed in the left and right nostrils, with the magnets on the inner sides and the wings on the outer sides. There is a left and a right NoseWing, indicated by the markings L (left) and R (right) on the inside of the blue storage box.

For optimal placement and positioning, use a mirror.

Take one of the NoseWings between the thumb and index finger, slightly widen the frame and slide the NoseWing into position in the appropriate nostril.

When released, the NoseWing should stay in place but not feel too tight.

If the NoseWing feels too tight, remove it, widen the frame a little bit more and replace it.

If the NoseWing is too loose, remove it, gently press the frame together, and replace it.

Once the first NoseWing is in properly positioned, place the second one in the other nostril, in the same way.

Depending on the shape and size of the nose, small adjustments in the position or angle of the NoseWing may help you to find the most comfortable and effective position.

The NoseWings are in the correct position when the nostrils are slightly widened and when you notice a reduced sensation of resistance when inhaling through your nose.

After application, allow a little time to get used to the NoseWings. After a short while, you should hardly notice that they are in your nose.

For reasons of hygiene, we recommend to clean the NoseWings before and after use with water and a neutral soap.

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