Philippe André, MBA

Philippe André is a serial entrepreneur and has a passion for starting, developing, and growing businesses. He has over 20 years of work experience with a broad range of responsibilities in various industries, ranging from medical devices, office equipment, home renovations to skydiving.

He has a diverse background in general management, business and marketing consulting, sales and training. Philippe is intrinsically motivated, entrepreneurial and result-driven with a focus and passion for sales and marketing.

Philippe suffers from collapsing nostrils which causes him to snore at night. As Robert’s brother, he, therefore, has been the primary tester for NoseWings since the very first prototype. Philippe has now been using NoseWings for several years and benefitting from improved nasal breathing, reduced snoring and a night of better night sleep for him and more importantly for his partner.

For several years now Philippe has been telling Robert that NoseWings is ready to share with the World. However, Robert being the perfectionist that he is, would not allow NoseWings to be sold to the public until he was fully satisfied with it.

In 2018 Philippe broke his back in a skydiving accident and six months into his recovery he decided to do an MBA in Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney to develop NoseWings into a viable business venture. Using the resources of UTS and the design thinking methodology, Philippe was able to assist in the development of NoseWings to the stage where it is now ready to be sold to the public.

Philippe graduated with a distinction from his MBA in Entrepreneurship, and he achieved the following milestones with NoseWings:

  • Awarded the 2019 UTS startup award for “Best Application of Research.”
  • Selected to participate in the HCF Catalyst Startup induction program
  • NoseWings is One of only six out 300+ startups to be included in the Sydney Innovation Stories Digital Campaign at the International Conference Centre in 2020
  • NoseWings won the Gilbert and Tobin award at the UTS Venture Day 2020

Philippe vision is to use his entrepreneurial expertise to share Robert’s invention and the benefits he has been enjoying from using NoseWings to help people Breathe Better, Sleep Better and Live Better.